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Application Process

  1. Fully complete the self-explanatory Grant Application provided on this Website.  If the Applicant has any questions about the Application, or eligibility, contact: EFI Administrator E.W. Tompkins at (814)486-1532 or via (Note: Applicant must have and include an active e-mail address, as the majority of correspondence is conducted electronically).

  2. Attach copies of any supporting documentation, such as: current and projected budgetary information, efforts to seek funds from other sources and fundraising, and estimates for materials/costs (if applicable). A cover letter containing all relevant contact information is also helpful.

  3. Mail (do not e-mail) the original Application packet to EFI, c/o E.W. Tompkins, Administrator, P.O. Box 31, Emporium, PA  15834.

  4. The Application will be placed on the EFI Agenda for action at a scheduled, monthly meeting as close in time to the date of the Application as feasible.

  5. The EFI Board will review the Application during the scheduled meeting, and take one (1) of the following actions by majority vote: (A). Approve the Application and award a grant in an amount determined by the Board (subject, however, to any conditions imposed); (B.) Deny the Application due to ineligibility, budgetary constraints, and/or impracticality of the proposal; or (C.) Table the Application, and request additional information and/or invite the Applicant to make a presentation and engage in questions & answers at a future EFI meeting, Subsequently, the Administrator will notify the Applicant of the Board's decision via e-mail.

  6. If an Application has been approved, the Administrator will e-mail a Grant Request Pledge (GRP), accompanied by an award letter. This GRP must be completed and the original mailed (do not e-mail) back to the Administrator.  A successful Applicant must also comply with all GRP terms (and conditions, if applicable). 

  7. Upon receipt of the original, completed GRP, Administrator Tompkins will mail or deliver the grant award check to the representative listed on the Application.

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