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Guy and Mary Felt

Emporium Foundation
Emporium Foundation, Inc. (EFI) is a private foundation chartered on October 10, 1930. The stated purpose of EFI is to: “... promote the physical and mental welfare and education of the public in Cameron County by establishing, maintaining, and assisting such facilities for physical and mental training as public schools, public libraries, recreation and community buildings, and other similar facilities.”

Guy and Mary Felt were the major benefactors to EFI’s perpetual trust; and their magnanimous generosity has made it possible to fund many deserving associations and institutions over the years. To date, during EFI’s 86 year history, more than $10 million in grants have been awarded for eligible projects. Perhaps EFI’s most ambitious project was to build and equip the original 30-bed Guy and Mary Felt Manor and that facility’s 10-bed annex, in honor of the selfless gesture of these philanthropists.

Currently, EFI provides financial support to numerous groups serving Cameron County, including: Student Activities in our local schools, Little League Baseball/Softball, Playgrounds, the Chamber of Commerce, local Fire Departments, local Scouting Programs, the Fair Association, Alle-Catt Baseball, the Recreation Center, the VFW/American Legion, as well as many other projects beneficial to a defined segment of the Cameron County population.
With the exception of the Administrator, EFI Directors are not paid for their services to our community. The Board meets monthly to make funding decisions, routinely receiving approximately 36 grant requests per year.
The present members of the EFI Board of Directors are:  President John T. Rogers, Vice President Lori J. Reed, Treasurer Gary Boden, Assistant Secretary Blair Lundberg and Administrator/Secretary/Counsel Edwin W. Tompkins III.
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